Saturday, July 14, 2007

From walking to running

I started out walking this morning, but ended up running. The skies were overcast and the temperature a cool 68 degrees (that is cool for July in GA). I had a bottle of water and proceeded to get my walk on. I made it to my halfway point and turned around for the walk back and a few minutes later I felt a drop. I thought it was a fluke or maybe from my water bottle. I kept walking. Another drop. Then I focused and I could see scatter drops coming down. Damnit! It is about to rain. So, I started running. :)

I guess that is the good thing about being in the shape I am in. I can do that and not feel worn out about it. I ran a little ways and the rain drops stopped. I slowed to a walk (brisk, of course). About 2 block from my home the rain started again. I sprinted toward the finish! All in all, I worked up a good sweat between my walking & running. Not too bad. Not too bad, at all.

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