Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ran a 5K

I ran the Atlanta Women's 5K yesterday morning, March 24th, at Candler Park. The route began on the street overlooking the golf course, round its way east through the neighborhood, back through the park, then west on North Ave. to Moreland Ave., north on Moreland Ave to Euclid which took us back northeast to North Ave. Once back on North Ave. it was onto the park and to the finish line in the park.

I arrived at the staging area about 6:45 am. I picked up my bib number and realized I had some time to get some coffee. The traffic wasn't bad and I saw a Starbucks just up the road on Moreland Ave. I made my way there, got a small cup of java, and made my way back to the staging area. I sat in my car and drank my coffee. About 7:15 I went back to the staging area to get some water and warm-up.

Many more people were milling around by this time and activity was everywhere. Music was playing, people were picking up their bib numbers, stretching, waiting to use the port-a-potties, or chatting with companions. I saw young girls who looked to be about 9 or 10 years old and women who were in their 60s.

The weather was still cool, at that time, but the sky was clear and it was just a matter of time before the sun would start to shine. I got some water and began to stretch. I ran into 1 person that works in my office, I didn't know she was running this event, and I saw another young lady that works in my gym.

About 7:50 I walked down to the starting area and positioned myself midway the front of the pack. I continued to move around to keep my muscles warmed-up and then there was the starting flag.

Although the area was hilly, it seemed that we continued to go downhill a lot. I was worried about the going back uphill part. The hills we did run weren't steep, but gradual.

I ended up having to walk probably 1/2 mile of the entire 3.2 miles. We were travelling west on North Ave toward Moreland Ave and I probably had about 1/4 of mile from where I was to the red light. I decided to catch my breath and walk that portion. Once I got to Moreland, I ran and I was at about 21 minutes when I made it to the 2 mile point.

Shortly thereafter, my side began to hurt like it did last Monday. I decided to walk again, probably another 1/4 mile to Euclid. Once on Euclid I was determined to run the rest of the way. I jogged slowly to build up my stamina and then we hit a hill. Goodness. I kept putting one foot in front of the other and made it up the hill. Almost back to the park and the homestretch. I picked up my speed that last 1/4 of mile and I crossed the finish line at 33:00 flat.

Whew. I did it! Success! I really did it. I ran a 5K in an event with probably 1,000 other women of varying levels. My co-worker's husband was at the finish and I ran into them in the finish area. He said the first person crossed the finish in under 20 minutes. Wow. That will never be me. :~)

I milled around for a little while, went to some of the vendors, and may way back to my car. I retrieved my camera and went back toward the race area. Since it was a run/walk some women were still going. I cheered them on and then asked a policeman to take my photo:

My tired feet after the race:

What's next? I dunno. I've been convinced to sign-up for the Peachtree Road Race, a 10K held in Atlanta on July 4th. We'll see...


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