Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week 6, Days 4-7

Sorry for the lack of posting. The past few days have been long with various activities and this kinda went by the wayside. Fortunately, my training did not. My updates:

Week 6, Day 4
Completed a 2 mile run right at 2o minutes. I could have pushed myself to do it faster, but I ddin't. I did some lunges after the run, my usual abdominal workout, and stretched.

Week 6, Day 5
A rest day, as usual. Much needed after a long work week. My legs are sore from those lunges I did yesterday.

Week 6, Day 6
2.75 mile run done in my neighborhood. I did it 24 minutes. I also rode my bike right after the run the same distance. My legs are still sore from those lunges on Thursday.

Week 6, Day 7
Today is walk day 55-60 minutes. I'll do it this afternoon. Moving to daylight savings time this morning didn't allow me to get up in time this morning. I guess the good thing is, we'll have more light later in the day. We have a fairly warm day on tap so it should be a nice day to walk this afternoon.

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