Thursday, September 13, 2007

10K#2: training update

Yes, I am still training for the 10K despite not updating the blog. I haven't really been following the training guide that I followed before. I took a look at it the first week intending to follow it, but I didn't print it out. I think I then internalized what I needed to do each day and that's what I've been doing. The guide is fairly simple with a steady increase in mileage each week, weight training one day a week, a cardio workout another day, a walk one day, and a rest day. That's what I've been doing with a gradual increase in mileage each week.

I'm moving soon and I wonder how that will affect my training. I won't have a gym to weight train at for a few weeks or maybe not at all prior to the next race. If I don't join a gym within 2 weeks of being in my new location (which is highly unlikely) I'll have to resort to running each day, I think. That shouldn't really be a problem.
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