Saturday, March 3, 2007

Week 5, Day 6

I didn't quite reach my running goal this morning. My guide stated that I was supposed to do 2. 5 miles. Since the weather was nice, I decided to run in my neighborhood this morning. I was guestimating on the distance by the lenght of time it took me to run. I was out for a little over 20 minutes. I just new I had to be close to two and a half miles. Well, I was a bit off. I decided to clock the route I ran in my car and it was 1.8 miles. Oh well, at least I was out there. :>)

In other news, I took my bike in to the shop today for a tune-up. Since the weather is warming up, I know that I will want to go riding soon and I thought it best to get the bike checked out. Luckily the bike shop wasn't too busy and they did it right on the spot.

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